“Don’t debate with people who didn’t value your view, they call you an orthodox, conservative and the outcome will always be an argument. And then they call you an argumentative.”

By Sonsnow

8 thoughts on “Debate!

  1. For the most part, I agree, though my awareness doesn’t stop me from falling into this particular one of life’s crevices on occasion. Sometimes, however, if there’s mutual respect, discussion leads to new insights on both sides, and that’s very gratifying.

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  2. One thing I’ve learned to do is listen to the words, not perceived personalities. In the debate, I listened, then listened again when reaired. This first time, as for many, I had some difficulty with all the back and forth. But I didn’t mind that. It has to be that way because the ideas of the two sides are diametrically opposite and the fate of this country depends upon us. For the conservatives, I heard a real following of understanding, having done my own research. And I understand what’s at stake.

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  3. Debating, instead of arguing, can help you defuse a rapidly escalating situation. And can change how people perceive the other party. Arguments can be heated, but they make a point that isn’t necessarily contested. Disagreements are often heated and imply a difference of opinion.So, yeah your statement is true to some extent, but it is best to talk it through.


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