Modi meet Xi:

When Xi and Modi meet to meet their national interest
When both leaders shared each other a strategic smiles
I couldn’t stop thinking about the outcry of our arrested activists
I couldn’t stop thinking about the signatures the students are forced to sign.

When communist China continues to control Tibet,
When the CCP continues to be oppressive and aggressive against Tibetans,
I couldn’t stop standing in solidarity and unity with my countrymen
I couldn’t stop speaking out the truth about tragedies behind the bars

When the freedom fighters raise their fist high and low
When activists outcry their agony against the enemy
I held my head high to the height of my forefather’s spirit
I held my heart out to speak up for those who are silenced

When the Dhauladhar range covered and capped with snowflakes,
When the cold winter winds waved and washed by my side,
I can feel the freshness of a far distance homeland
I can feel the warmth of a home hiding behind those Himalayas

By: Sonsnow

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