I am a Prisoner

I am a Prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So strong and powerful,
They hold back my hand
When I raise my fist for freedom,
They twist my tongue
When I tweet for Truth and Justice,

I am a Prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So Strong and powerful
They took me far off
When I choose to write for Rights,
They tied me and trialed
When I hold to Truth too tight,

I am a prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So strong and powerful,
They looted my home
When I own the Truth and Justice,
They put me in Prison
When the world sold them Humanity.
By Sonsnow

15 thoughts on “I am a Prisoner

    1. Yes, so true, Most of them choose to put themselves in darkness for a little shine of freedom for the rest of us. My words are limited and too little to portray their inner strength and committment to create a better world.

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  1. You are a talented poet, and a courageous writer. Thank you.
    And thank you for following Bobbing Around. I hope my words will be of service to you for a long time. You are welcome to occasionally be a guest poet on my blog if you wish.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sir,
      I want to extend my deepest heart felt Thank You for taking a time out to read myh poem and your kind words mean a lot to me and will keep those words in my thoughts and writings in the rest of my life. You have inspired many to read and inspired the rest to write and blessed us with all your books. Thank You, Sir, and will surely looking forward to reading your other works in the blog.
      Thank you so much!
      with loads of love


  2. I completely believe that one person who picks up the mantle for their passion, is in their purpose. They will definitely change the world. You are holding a light out for the world (us) to see what must not remain in the dark. Thank You, for being a Light in the midst of the darkness. You are Chosen.


  3. Each of us is a prisoner. We are our own prisoners, civilization, consumerism, contaminated world, though still beautiful.
    Let’s be happy and try not to hurt another person.

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