Lhasang Tsering la

  Lhasang Tsering la,

A man of many words
When it comes to “Free Tibet”.
An angry old man
When it comes to an issue of enemy
I am sad to see him aging
With a commitment as young as ever,
You will see him walking up and down
In between Dharamsala and Dharamkot
Like an unemployed old man
Killing the silence of loneliness,
Distributing pamphlets of poetries
Which chocked out of his anger towards the enemy,
He raises his fist forward
When it comes to the topic of Freedom
He raises his voice higher than his pitch
When it comes to the cruelty of communist,
Like a warrior
He chooses not to knock his knee down to the ground
Stand too strong and so firmly,
Like a lion
He roars against the atrocities of the enemy
He may not be as strong as he was
But still, he can knock down dozens of them
With his words as sharp as a sword,
He is too young to be old enough
When it comes to our cause
As he kept the cruelty of communist still alive,
And too old to be young enough
When it comes to his age
As he can’t be that warrior anymore physically

By Sonsnow


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